Result of ECDLP by learning method

@2018/10/01@Yasunori Ushiro (Kanagawa University)

@The learning method and the method show the result of decrypting elliptic curve cryptography
@The solution time by both algorithm for 44 pieces of 60-bits encryption (about 70 bits) are shown.
@One core of Intel Core i7 6700k (4 Ghz) is used for calculation.
@In multi-precision calculation, the learning method used self-made function and method used gnu gmp.
@Data is five sets of A, B, C, D and E. Since the method takes long time, only A is measured.
@The learning method is about 30 seconds, the method is about 10 hours.
@The learning method is about 1200 times faster than the method.

1. Result of learning method

@Three out of five case are within 30 seconds. The learning information is 464 MB.
@(1) Data-A
@(2) Data-B
@(3) Data-C
@(4) Data-D
@(5) Data-E

2. Result of method

@Over 10 hours.
@(1) Data-A